Honolulu police close criminal investigation into dental tragedy

Honolulu police close criminal investigation into dental tragedy
Ashley Puleo with her daughter, Finley Boyle

KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Kailua mother is upset that police have closed their investigation into her daughter's dental tragedy.

Ashley Puleo has been anxiously waiting for the criminal case against Dr. Lilly Geyer to move forward. After calling around last week, she was shocked to discover that the detective had ended the investigation since the medical examiner classified Finley Boyle's death as an accident.

"He told me that they had met with a group of colleagues and they had decided that it was not intentional," said Puleo.

During a dental procedure in December 2013, the three-year-old girl suffered a heart attack likely caused by the combination of five different drugs given to her, according to the medical examiner. She slipped into a coma and died a month later.

"To be sitting here for the last year and a half and not even have anyone seriously address this woman's practice and her negligence is pretty upsetting," said Puleo.

Hawaii News Now has learned that the state is investigating whether Dr. Geyer's license to prescribe certain narcotics was in good standing when she performed the toddler's dental work.

"I do believe there is gross, gross negligence on multiple levels and that she should absolutely be criminally charged," Puleo said.

Dr. Geyer voluntarily shut down her Island Dentistry for Children office in Kailua following the death.

"She doesn't only deserve not to be practicing. She deserves to take responsibility for my daughter's death," said Puleo.

Dr. Geyer's insurance company agreed to pay the family an undisclosed amount of money to settle a lawsuit last September.

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