New Waikiki catamaran's arrival delayed by lack of trade winds

New Waikiki catamaran's arrival delayed by lack of trade winds
The Holokai
The Holokai
Soo Stover
Soo Stover

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For the first time in 20 years, a new catamaran will be setting sail in Waikiki.

But first, she has to get here.

The 45-foot catamaran "Holokai" was custom built in Portland, Oregon, and is now heading to Hawaii.

"We set sail from Portland, Oregon, to San Francisco, California. And then from San Francisco to Honolulu," said Soo Stover of Holokai Catamaran.

The four-man crew, including Stover's husband Rich, left San Francisco June 10 for what is normally a ten-day trip to Hawaii. But the trade winds haven't been blowing.

"This is the longest crossing it has ever taken just because we've had no wind lately," said Stover. "So the guys are running out of supplies, they're running out of provisions, and they're basically fishing to eat."

The Holokai has two outboard engines, but they're meant to maneuver around Waikiki's surf and reefs, not for actual sailing.

Stover said getting the Holokai built and the permit to operate her in Waikiki is a dream come true. There are only seven catamaran licenses issued for Waikiki.

"They're really hard to come by," she said. "They're usually passed down from family to family and they stay within generations of families. So we just got really lucky that the previous owners decided to sell."

The Holokai will set sail daily from the beach in front of the Shorebird Restaurant, with tours scheduled to start July 3.

While they are overdue, the crew isn't in any danger. They've just been sailing five days past their scheduled time, and still have hundreds of miles to cover.

"After everything that we've been through and after so many years of trying to go for these types of businesses, I just want it to get here."

The Holokai is currently expected to arrive in Honolulu Monday afternoon. However, trade winds are forecast to diminish again late Sunday or Monday.

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