Scientists sailing around the world to clean ocean now in Hawaii

Scientists sailing around the world to clean ocean now in Hawaii

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - By: Victoria Bartelt

While many Hawaii residents enjoy the ocean, many are unaware of the severe pollution that exists in the water, and environmentalists from around the world have sailed to the state to try to change that.

Nine researchers are on the Race for Water Odyssey, a unique expedition aimed at preventing plastic pollution and preserving our oceans. The foundation sailed off on the global voyage of 13 stops including France and New York, and now they are in Hawaii to educate and hopefully inspire residents to help keep the ocean clean.

Race for Water scientists arrived on Oahu on Thursday and will survey three beaches on the island: Kahuku, Makapuu and Kahana. The group will also visit beaches on the Big Island before heading to the Mariana Islands.

“The importance of this mission for the residents of Hawaii is to show the global issue of marine debris because Hawaii is in the middle of the largest north pacific garbage patch,” said Kahi Pacarro, executive director sustainable coastlines Hawaii.

Scientists are also gathering data at each stop on the cause of plastic polluting the oceans. In the long run, the Race for Water Odyssey crew hopes to learn, share and act on a solution to stop the plastic pollution in the oceans.

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