Voyaging canoe Hikianalia returns to Hawaii

Voyaging canoe Hikianalia returns to Hawaii

HONOLULU (AP) - A modern voyaging canoe is back in Hawaiian waters after a year of serving as a science, technology and safety escort for the vessel Hokule'a.

The Hawaii Star-Advertiser reports that the double-hulled Hikianalia was spotted early Tuesday floating just offshore at Walls Beach in Waikiki.

It returns to Honolulu after accompanying Hokule'a to New Zealand on the first leg of its worldwide journey.

The canoe, which is often called "Hiki" by crew members, left Tahiti 28 days ago. Hikianalia spent the past two months sailing back from New Zealand with apprentice navigators you used the stars and swells to help guide her home.

Organizers announced last month that Hikianalia would return home instead of venturing with Hokule'a into the volatile Indian Ocean.

Hikianalia will spend the next year traveling around the islands.

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