Urns stolen from gravesite found at Sand Island recycling center

Urns stolen from gravesite found at Sand Island recycling center
Clyde Nagamine
Clyde Nagamine
Terry Telfer
Terry Telfer

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - One Oahu family is having mixed emotions after urns stolen from their family gravesite in Pearl City are found.

It was discovered at Reynolds Recycling at Sand Island on Monday after it was reported stolen to police the day before. However, the urns turned up empty.

The president of Reynolds Recycling says one of his employees heard the news and checked the brass box at the Sand Island location. Sure enough, four urns were right on top.

"The main thing is gone. But it's a better feeling than yesterday," said Clyde Nagamine.

Nagamine said it was bittersweet looking at the four empty urns that were just pulled from the box.

The names, Seishin Nagamine (his uncle), Ann Akiko Nagamine (his mom), and Ushi Nagamine (his grandma) are etched on the front. One of them looks different from the rest, but the words are scratched off. So he said he can't tell if it's his grandfather, Kame's.

"I called my sister. I told her if you want it, we can go pick it up. But the ashes are gone. I said might as well get it, at least we have something," Nagamine said.

The Nagamine's reported the theft to police on Sunday afternoon after visiting their family's gravesites at Sunset Memorial Park in Pearl City.

Around noon, they discovered their gravesites were broken into and four family urns were stolen.

"No feeling yeah, no compassion, just for the money I guess," said Nagamine.

President of Reynolds Recycling Terry Telfer said brass is worth 75-cents a pound, so a total of 31-dollars were collected all together. He says his workers aren't supposed to take urns.

"It could have been a new employee who made a mistake and didn't realize it,” Telfer said.

This isn't the first time Hawaii News Now reported on Sunset Memorial Park. In 2011, the mausoleum was falling apart. And in 2013, waist-high weeds covered the graveyard making it difficult for some family members to find burial plots.

"Something has to be done over there, more security or something," Nagamine said.

The Nagamine's said police told them 10 other gravesites had been tampered with.

They hope whoever did this is brought to justice.

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