Family urns stolen from Pearl City gravesite

Family urns stolen from Pearl City gravesite
Family says urns look similar to this one and their loved ones' names are etched on the front.
Family says urns look similar to this one and their loved ones' names are etched on the front.

PEARL CITY, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's hard enough to lose a loved one, but to have their ashes stolen from a family's gravesite is almost unthinkable.

That's what one Ewa Beach family realized after visiting Sunset Memorial Park in Pearl City Sunday afternoon.

“I got a call from my cousin, he was here earlier coming to visit the graves. And he called and said he noticed that the plates were off on our gravesite. And when he checked in, all the urns were missing in one. And when he checked his father's one, it was open, but his father's urn was still there," said Corinne Lariosa.

Lariosa said four family members' urns were stolen: her grandfather's, her grandmother's, her mother's, and another uncle's. She said she's unsure when they were taken, but it happened sometime within the last two weeks because when they visited the grave two Sundays ago, everything was fine.

"Why would anybody do this? Just wanna get it back," she said.

"Maybe for some people…nothing. But for us, this all family…especially for my mom's urn and ashes…it's my moms, and to me, that's great value," said Corinne's brother, Clint Nagamine.

The family filed a police report around noon. They said police officers told them there were no fingerprints that were left behind. But they did notice about ten other gravesites had been tampered with. It's unclear if urns were stolen from those sites as well.

Now the family is working to see if any nearby businesses caught the crime on surveillance cameras.

The family has no idea why someone would steal their loved ones' urns, but they said the urns are made of bronze.

"I have no idea who did it or what. If they listening to this, if they can bring back the ashes, that's all we ask for. It may be nothing to you guys but to our family it's everything," Nagamine said.

"Please bring it back, doesn't mean anything to you. But to us, to our family, it means the whole world," said Lariosa.

If the urns are returned, the family said no questions will be asked.

The office at the graveyard appears to have burnt down. There is a number on the fence, which we called but haven't received a response yet.

Anyone with information that could help the family is asked to call police.

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