Kailua residents complain of construction, traffic woes

Kailua residents complain of construction, traffic woes

KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kulia Martinez sat on the lanai in front of Fatboy's in Kailua on Wednesday, having lunch with a friend.  Much of their conversation was drowned out by the heavy construction going on behind them at the intersection of Kailua Road and Hahani Street.

"There's just like a whole bunch of construction, it's really ugly.  It's taken forever," she said.

She's not the only customer who's been affected by it.

"They can't park in the back, hard to park in the front. They have to go somewhere else, you know," said Fatboys Manager Celeste Yoneoka.

Yoneoka says fortunately enough, business hasn't gone down.  However, she and her customers are wondering when the project will be finished. After all, the construction has been going on for weeks.

Until this week, the right hand lane on Hahani was closed, creating a bottleneck at the intersection.  It's since been opened, but the temporary pavement is incredibly bumpy.

There is a ‘No Left Turn' sign on Kailua Road to prevent motorists from turning onto Hahani, but a Hawaii News Now crew noticed three vehicles turn left during a single light cycle.

"It did put a stop and go to our traffic here," said Calvin Malina, who was eating his lunch outside Times Supermarket, watching the heavy traffic.

Hawaii News Now reached out to the City for answers. Turns out it is not a City project, but one for the newly opened Target.

Delta Construction has been contracted to redo a gas line and relocate some electrical ducts. Work is estimated to be done by July 1, meaning it could be three more weeks of heavy traffic.
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