Kohala Ditch is back -- this time, with kayaks

Kohala Ditch is back -- this time, with kayaks

KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii (AP) - Kohala Ditch is flowing again, and this time it's filled with kayaks.

West Hawaii Today reports that storm damage to North Kohala's aqueduct was repaired ahead of schedule, allowing the June 1 opening of new kayak tour company Flumin' Kohala.

Surety Kohala Corp. Executive Vice President Bill Shontell says the ditch is back to full flow and things have returned to the status quo. He says all its water users have topped off their reservoirs.

Surety Kohala manages and partly owns the ditch. It is also the parent company of Flumin' Kohala.

The first group of tourists paddled through three miles of the 14.5-mile ditch, floating under earthen tunnels as tour guides explained the history of the channel.

The company plans to offer four tours a day by July.

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