Local Connection: Oahu's Homeless Problem

Local Connection: Oahu's Homeless Problem

By: Rick Blangiardi

I usually enjoy doing these Local Connections editorials…it's a chance to reach out to the community and bring attention to important issues.

What I don't enjoy…is doing what feels like the same editorial over and over again…and nothing changes.

That's close to the definition of insanity – doing the same thing repeatedly…and hoping for a different result. You may have guessed by now – I want to talk about our Homeless problem again.

Which…despite good intentions and promises from our government and non-profit organizations…is getting worse.

That's why I am proud to announce that Hawaii News Now and the Honolulu Star-Advertiser have agreed that we are going to do something very new.  With new energy…new cooperation a new commitment to bringing this story to the forefront of issues confronting this state.

We are competing news organizations. Our reporters live to get the scoop – to beat each other to the punch on big stories.  Now we are setting aside that competitiveness for this one issue.

Our reporters…editors… photographers and digital media teams from our separate newsrooms… will begin working together.  We will team up to make sure you…our customers and citizens of the state of Hawaii…can know that homelessness
has the attention of our leaders.

Some cynics might say we are doing this for ratings.  Frankly, ratings consultants tell us that viewers don't want stories about homelessness.  And the homeless don't usually have television sets.

We are doing this because this problem needs to be addressed, in a humane and comprehensive way, and we believe that shining the media spotlight will help.

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