Attempted murder charge dropped stabbing of prison guard

Attempted murder charge dropped stabbing of prison guard

HONOLULU (AP) - A judge has dismissed an attempted murder case in which an inmate allegedly stabbed a prison guard, saying the defendant's right to a speedy trial was violated.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports that the case dates to 2010, when prosecutors say Daniel Kahanaoi stabbed prison guard Bennie Tucker six times while awaiting trial in the Oahu Community Correction Center.

Prosecutors charged the then-45-year-old Kahanaoi with attempted murder, which could have landed him a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

The judge dismissed the case after it was requested by Kahanaoi's lawyer. The trial was originally scheduled for February 2011.

Tucker says he's disappointed because he wanted to see justice served.

In 2010, Kahanaoi was sentenced to life with parole after being found guilty of murder for a 2009 shooting.

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