Mom of beaten girl settles with U.S. government, will propose Talia's Law

Mom of beaten girl settles with U.S. government, will propose Talia's Law

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Almost a decade after 6-year old Talia Williams was killed by her father, Army soldier Naeem Williams, the U.S. government has settled a civil suit with the girl's biological mother for $2 million.

I''ll never have closure because there's no amount of money that will replace my daughter," Tarshia Williams told Hawaii News Now.

Tarshia lost custody of the girl in 2004, because her attorney says, people didn't like her alternative lifestyle.  Tarshia is gay and living with her partner.  Talia was sent to her biological father, Naeem and his wife, Delilah.

Both tortured the girl for months, beating her almost every day.

Teachers, doctors, neighbors, even military police officers, reported the abuse and the information was supposed to go up the chain of command.  But somehow, it didn't. And in 2005, Talia died.

"There were many, many, many people who knew what was going on in that household," says Tarshia's attorney, Mark Davis, "There were many opportunities to intervene and rescue this child and remove the child from this very toxic and dangerous situation."

Now, Tarshia wants to change the reporting system, so that other children can get help sooner.

"I want to save somebody's else child," she says.

"We are going to propose federal legislation to be named after this child to fix what we think is the bureaucratic problem," says Davis.

The proposed legislation will be called the Talia Williams Child Abuse Notification Act, or Talia's Law. It would require those who suspect abuse on military property to report it, not just to their supervisor, but also to State Child Protective Services.

Tarshia says a system like that could have saved her little girl.

"I still cry every day... I think about everything that she went through."

Naeem Williams is serving a life sentence. His wife, Delilah took a plea deal and is almost halfway through her 20 year sentence.

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