Local Connection: Ward Village

Local Connection: Ward Village

. - By: Katie Ka‘anapu, Director of Community and Retail Marketing for Ward Village

Ward Village has recently made headlines with our 988 Halekauwila project, which will offer 375 affordable homes in Honolulu.

Housing on O'ahu has long been a problem, with kama‘aina unable to buy or rent homes at affordable prices.

We can help this problem by making these homes more affordable, available sooner and for longer.

To do so, we've asked the HCDA to allow us to build rentals instead of for-sale condos, giving more local families an opportunity to live in urban Honolulu.

Under current HCDA rules, rentals are kept affordable for 15 years – much longer than two to five years for condos for sale.

But, HCDA wants to change this rule, saying we should extend the restriction from 15 years to 30. This restriction would force us to convert this project to for sale, serving fewer people at higher incomes, delaying delivery for years. 

Affordable rentals offered as soon as possible are the best solution for our immediate and long term housing needs.

On May 27, the HCDA will decide on our request. Public testimony is welcome. Visit 988Halekauwila.com to help bring affordable homes to our community.