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EXCLUSIVE: Family member says son accused of killing father in Puna needs help

Forrest Keesler, 18 Forrest Keesler, 18
Jeffrey Kelly, 47 Jeffrey Kelly, 47
Angela Bracamonte, victim's step-mother Angela Bracamonte, victim's step-mother
PUNA, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) - The stepmother of Forrest Keesler said she feared the day would come when the 18-year-old would follow through on his dark thoughts.

Keesler is behind bars, but Angela Bracamonte said he doesn't belong in prison, he needs help.

“His mind is fixated on one thing and one thing only,” Bracamonte said.

‘And for as long as I've known him and my children has known him, he's always talked about how he wanted to kill his dad," she said.

Bracamonte said her stepson is severely autistic, but his father never got him the help that he needed.

She said Keesler's developmental disorder would make him violent at times and his father's alcoholism didn't help it. In fact, it makes it worse.

"When he's not in his mode, when he's not in his violent mode, which only his dad can get him in, when he's not in that mode, he's like your best friend…he's a wonderful kid for real. He would give you the shirt off his back if had to and he'd starve for a week just so you eat. He was just amazing. He was wonderful,” she said.

Police say Keesler and his father, Jeffrey Kelly, were involved in a domestic dispute in the Fern Acres subdivision Saturday morning. Paramedics rushed the 47-year-old victim to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Bracamonte said Keesler was put into a facility at a very young age in order to help his condition. However, his father fought to regain custody of him despite what everyone told him.

"They told him your son belongs in here for the rest of his life because when he gets older it's going to be worse. Somebody's going to get hurt or he's going to get hurt is what they told him but he didn't go by that, Jeffrey looked at it like you know what, that is my son, I will deal with it when the time comes.”

Now Keesler is charged with second-degree murder. But Bracamonte said he shouldn't be criticized or judged, he should get the help that he deserves.

Keesler's bail is set at $250,000. His first appearance in court will be on Tuesday.

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