Officers in Lanikai hand out tickets to drivers who violated holiday parking restrictions

Police enforcing parking restrictions in Lanikai this Memorial Day weekend

LANIKAI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Cars cruised Lanikai loop Saturday hoping for the chance to squeeze into one of the limited spaces.

"Parking was a bear," said Kendra Ginn of Manoa.

"It's bad.  We had to park all the way down there it took us like about a half hour to park," said Jose Lopez of Sacramento.

The Honolulu Department of Transportation Services placed temporary no parking signs on the right side of the road this holiday weekend.

Officials say it's an effort to improve access and safety.
Kincaid Kawananakoa has lived along the Lanikai Loop all of his life.
"When people can't get in and out and when emergency services can't get in and out that's really the issue," said Kawananakoa.
Officers patrolled the neighborhood.  Within the first hour, they had already ticketed well over 20 vehicles.
If a driver is caught parking in one of the temporarily restricted areas, a ticket will cost you $35.  A ticket for parking in the bike lane is $200.
Residents had mixed feelings about the restrictions.
"If there are laws I have no trouble with the police enforcing them," said Kawananakoa.
"Oh that's bologna they can get through," said Lopez.
These temporary measures are also being used to collect information on traffic volume and congestion. The restrictions will go through Monday.
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