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City to restrict parking in Lanikai during Memorial Day weekend

Map provided by City & County of Honolulu Map provided by City & County of Honolulu
File image of Lanikai traffic File image of Lanikai traffic
LANIKAI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services notified all Oahu motorists and residents of Lanikai that this Memorial Day weekend, no parking of motor vehicles will be permitted on the unimproved sidewalk on the right side of the road along the Lanikai loop. This is to ensure access to Lanikai for emergency vehicles, residents, and visitors.

The Lanikai loop includes Alapapa Drive and Mokulua Drive, where a bike lane runs along the right side of both streets. Parking is always prohibited in the bike lane, with a potential fine of $200. Motorists should also not drive on the bike lane, stop and/or unload on a bike lane. Bike lanes are reserved for bicyclists. This holiday weekend, barriers will be placed adjacent to the bike lane on the Lanikai loop notifying motorists that no parking is permitted on the right side of Alapapa and Mokulua Drives over the Memorial Day weekend.

“The city is taking this action because traffic congestion in Lanikai on weekends, especially on three day weekends, is a safety issue,” said Director of Transportation Services Mike Formby. “During severe traffic congestion caused in part by illegally parked cars, pedestrians and bicyclists are forced into the roadway and emergency first responders have difficulty getting into and out of Lanikai.”

"Over the past year, as we've worked with the community and DTS to identify improvements to address Lanikai traffic congestion, the prohibition of parking has been the top suggestion,” said Councilmember Ikaika Anderson. “As we work towards making permanent improvements, these interim actions enhance the safety of and improve the quality of life for our community residents."

Motorists who park on the right side of the Lanikai loop over Memorial Day weekend, impede emergency response, or park, drive, stop or unload on the bike lane will be subject to citation and/or tow by the Honolulu Police Department.

With but one way in and out, traffic in Lanikai has increasingly negatively impacted residents. Motorists are cautioned that the removal of parking on the bike lane side of the Lanikai loop during the Memorial Day weekend will significantly reduce parking capacity within Lanikai by up to half. As such, motorists are encouraged to plan ahead, consider alternative means to access Lanikai beach, such as by riding The Bus, walking and/or biking, or seek alternative beaches for recreation.

Parking was similarly restricted in Lanikai over President's Day weekend. These temporary measures are also being used to extract data on traffic volumes and congestion.

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