Couple intervenes when schoolchildren threatened in Kaneohe

Couple intervenes when schoolchildren threatened in Kaneohe

KANEOHE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It was Tuesday afternoon, after school, when two eleven-year-old girls were crossing Kahekili Highway at in the Temple Valley neighborhood of Kaneohe. Soon after that, a stranger started to chase them.

Luckily for the girls, Maka'io Hee and his wife, Ua Halualani-Hee, happened to be driving by.

"We see these two girls that's approaching the stop light, and this individual following them and making accusations to these two girls," said Maka'io Hee.

The individual appeared to be a very large man wearing a red T-shirt. He started threatening the girls and making lewd gestures.

"All of a sudden he was acting inappropriate, making inappropriate gestures to the girls, and I told the girls, 'Are you guys okay?' And they turned around and looked and they said, 'No,'" said Halualani-Hee.

Instinctively, the couple took action.

"My husband jumped out of the car and he's yelling, 'Hey, come after me! Come!' And that person stopped. Stopped literally in their tracks and gave the girls some time to get away, get out of danger," said Halualani-Hee.

The girls ran to Ahuimanu Elementary School a few hundred yards away for safety. Halualani-Hee called police, who told them to keep the suspect within sight until officers could get there. But then the person tried to make a break for it.

Maka'io Hee started running, and grabbed up with the suspect in bushes near the next stop light, more than 400 yards away.

"I apprehended him and put it in submission," said Hee. "And the rest of was up to -- now it's a her that we find out."

It turned out that the suspect is actually a woman, who apparently suffers from mental problems. She was taken into custody and put into psychiatric care.

Families of area schoolchildren remain concerned.

"Parents should know that there's people out there that will definitely try to get your kids and hurt your kids," said Iwalani Aton, a grandparent of a classmate of the two girls. "That's a very strong safety precaution. Be alert."

The Hee's said they were just doing what is right.

"I'm not a hero," said Maka'io Hee. "I'm just a kupuna, you know. A grandparent."

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