San Francisco police seek attacker of former Hawaii woman

San Francisco police seek attacker of former Hawaii woman
Lin Leong with granddaughter Connie Ho
Lin Leong with granddaughter Connie Ho

SAN FRANSISCO, California (HawaiiNewsNow) - Lin Leong lived in Hawaii before moving to San Francisco about ten years ago. She now lies in a coma while police look for a suspect in her apparent assault.

Connie Ho last saw Leong, her grandmother, about two years ago. San Francisco Police say the 77-year-old woman was brutally assaulted as she was getting off a bus in the Chinatown neighborhood on Mother's Day.

"She's basically not living on her own. Everything is solely on machine," said Ho.

He said the family is devastated by the attack, which didn't seem to be that serious at first. A surveillance photo shows Leong walking on a street on Mother's Day, but it's unknown whether it was taken before or after she was assaulted. Leong refused medical treatment and went home.

"My auntie says she called her that afternoon after she got home and briefly told her, 'I got struck in the head twice by an African-American female," said Ho.

Leong was found unconscious in her home three days later. Doctors found major brain damage.

"They say that her brain shifted four centimeters from the right side of her brain to her left, and there was a lot of hemorrhage and bruising, and a lot of bleeding," said Ho.

Ho also said Leong may not have called authorities or gone to the doctor because of her strong will. Friends also said many Chinatown witnesses may be afraid to call police.

"First of all, we don't want to bother anybody. And second, we all get intimidated because if we call police, we're afraid somebody will revenge on us," said Leong's friend Shirley Chang, in San Francisco.

Police said at least one good Samaritan helped Leong away from the bus and tried to make sure she was okay. Officers are looking for him, as well as the attacker, described as an African-American woman.

Ho is scheduled to leave for San Francisco Thursday for what she believes will be her final visit with her grandmother.

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