Doctor camping near Osprey crash site first to provide aid

Doctor camping near Osprey crash site first to provide aid

WAIMANALO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - "It's loud it's burning. I mean the munitions that were going off are like pow.  It's like New Year's Eve in Chinatown," said Dr. David Kaminskas.

Dr. Kaminskas has been practicing medicine for well over two decades. In that time he's seen a lot but says none of that could have  prepared him for what he experienced Sunday.

"One of my primary concerns was that we move the injured away from the aircraft because there was a concern the aircraft itself may explode,"

said Dr. Kaminskas.

All 22 service members made it off the aircraft.  Some had to be carried.  Dr. Kaminskas says seven marines were seriously hurt.

And three had what he described as critical injuries.

"There were head and neck wounds wounds around the forehead.  Face and neck lacerations lower extremity lacerations and bleeding," said

Dr. Kaminskas.

Dr. Kaminskas said it took in between 10 and 15 minutes for medics finally reach the crash site.

"I was saying help is coming. I'm looking at the ambulances they can't reach us and they have to go all the way around and behind us and

it felt like an eternity before they actually finally got there," said Dr. Kaminskas.

Dr. Kaminskas said the Marine who wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse was loaded into a truck and driven to Castle Medical Center

by a Lt. Colonel he was camping with.

"I don't know the outcome of that patient but what I can say is that he provided that individual the only chance of survival and I think

that without his efforts that patient would have undoubtedly died," said Dr. Kaminskas.

Dr. Kaminskas says after what he saw he's amazed more people weren't seriously hurt.

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