Homeless to Housed: A success story

Homeless to Housed: A success story

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)

When Daniel Linn moved back to Hawaii in 2010, a stream of circumstances sank the pool service company owner and his family.

"I did not want to move back to Hawaii and be homeless," he said. "That wasn't the plan."

When the Linn's finances ran out they became homeless but they never gave up hope.

"There is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is always hope. There is always someone there to help you." Linn said.

For his family help came from the non-profit organization Family Promise.

"We were in shelters. We were getting fed. We were bathing. We were doing our jobs. We were working hard," Linn said.

They had a roof over their heads and resolve to turn things around.

"What we were able to do was save our money," Linn said. "We were able to get a deposit from Catholic Charities, which helped with the deposit."

It helped that the Linn's had employable skills.

But many homeless don't. Lindsey Doi of the Hawaii Community Development Authority said job training can be the key. HCDA works with Kakaako homeless, to get them off the streets and into housing.

"We really believe strongly in a job training program to really give them these skills to put on a resume and help them get that next step," she said.

Linn knows other families who successfully moved from homelessness to housing.

"A lot of people think, 'Oh, well, they're homeless. They want to be homeless.' In my situation I didn't want to be homeless," he said.

Linn's pool cleaning company is afloat again. But as reminder of where they've been, he carries a photograph of the cots his family shared at the shelter. They now rent a two-bedroom one-bath house, and they're looking into buying a home.

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