‘Ecstasy oil’ smuggler gets probation

‘Ecstasy oil’ smuggler gets probation

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Wolfgang Hans Langlois, the man accused of smuggling an MDMA precursor to Kauai from Germany with the intent to manufacture and distribute the drug, has been sentenced to three years probation and 720 hours community service.

"There was no evidence that he was going to do anything other than make naturopathic medicines, soaps and perfumes," said his attorney, Bill Harrison.

Langlois, who has a PhD in chemistry, was caught trying to smuggle 10 wine bottles full of safrole oil in a cargo container in August of 2014.

Authorities searched his Kauai home, turning up scores of laboratory equipment.  Still, they could not prove intent, despite the amount of oil being enough to produce some 10,000 pills of ecstasy.

Safrole oil has been banned for consumption by the Food and Drug administration due to carcinogenic effects in animals.  Harrison says Langlois was using the oil as homeopathic aides for his wife.

"His wife, Lissette, she has breast cancer.  He had read up on various types of naturopathic medicines that can be used.  He found that safrole oil, which is sassafras oil, could be used."

Authorities reviewed the case, and sentenced him only to the crime of smuggling the oil without proper permits.

"My client should have gotten appropriate permits to bring this listed chemical to the country, he totally acknowledged that," said Harrison.

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