Thieves break into school property, drive off with excavator

Thieves break into school property, drive off with excavator

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Two people captured on surveillance video may look like a couple of construction workers just doing their job.  But police say don't let their cool

demeanor and flashing light fool you. They're crooks.

Investigators say on April 19, at least two people hooked up a trailer carrying a 2004 Takeuchi excavator to the back of this white quad cab pickup and hauled it away.

The machine was in a secured area with other construction equipment near the football field at Radford High School.  It was there because

the owner of Amii Construction wanted to give back to his alma mater.

"In conjunction with the track construction we wanted to erect a new concession stand. He basically donated his equipment and his time

to remove the existing one and he was going to haul away the debris for free for us," said Radford High School principal James Sunday.

But for now those plans are on hold.  A disappointing blow to sports program.

"Anytime we have a function down here in the athletic arena especially on the field you know a concession is a necessity," said Radford

High School athletic director Kelly Sur.

In the meantime we're told the owner of Amii construction still wants to help.  It will just take a little longer.

"He's still committed.  Just more so trying to recover his items and hopefully be able to assist us still with the project," said Sunday.

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