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Police identify driver in Maui hit and run crash

Victim didn't want to be identified Victim didn't want to be identified
MPD statement MPD statement
KAHULUI, MAUI (HawaiiNewsNow) -


Maui police say they've confirmed the driver responsible for a hit-and-run crash on Sunday is not a police officer.

Investigators say the woman who was rear-ended in Kahului reported an incorrect license plate number of the other car and got the letters mixed up.

Police say they have tracked down the actual driver, who admitted to fleeing the scene.

The case has been forwarded to the Maui prosecutor.

[Original Story:]

A Maui hit and run victim said she memorized the license plate of the car that hit her Sunday night, and our sources say the car belongs to an undercover cop.

The Maui Police Department is denying any involvement, but won't release the police report to the victim and they wouldn't give us a copy of the police report either.

The victim, who asked to remain anonymous, says she was at a red light at the corner of East Kamehameha Avenue and Hana Highway when she was rear-ended.

"I felt this car hit me and then my car had moved about a foot into the intersection after being rear-ended so I slowly pulled over...and I guess she was going to pull over…but she didn't and she proceeded to pull out from behind me and drive past my car slowly and look at me and then speed off," the woman said.

She said she chased the car down East Kamehameha Avenue until she got a good look at the license plate number.

"I'm like repeating the license plate number to myself in my head and I'm repeating it over and over in my head and as soon as I pull over, I call 911 and dispatch asks me, ‘Do you have an emergency?' And I said, “I need to report a hit and run and I need to say this number before I lose it in my head,'” she said.

She said the number she saw is LBD 470.

Multiple police sources tell us the registered owner of that car is the County of Maui Police Department.

The woman says police officers kept questioning her at the scene.

“'Are you sure that was the license plate number?'” And I said, 'As sure as I can be at this point.' And they said, 'Because that's the number of an unmarked cop car, an unmarked cop vehicle.'"

We asked Maui Police Department for confirmation and were given this statement: There were no incident of a "hit and run" involving any equipment or vehicle owned by the Maui Police Department on Sunday."

The woman says she doesn't feel like the responding officers did their due diligence that night.

"The only reason why I called 911 was to get help and I don't feel like I got any help at all…no I don't feel safe and I don't feel protected."

The woman says no officers followed up with her after the report was filed.

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