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Traffic headaches driving some out of Lanikai

LANIKAI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu real estate listings show 25 properties in Lanikai for sale. Several are on the loop. In 15 years, homeowner Judy Bishop hasn't seen so many "For Sale" signs in the Kailua community, There's a shared opinion that traffic gridlock is driving a mini - exodus.

"And a lot of people who don't have their signs up are really contemplating leaving if we can't get some relief," she said.

Traffic and parking congestion is heaviest during holidays and weekends. It creates safety concerns and affects quality of life.

Longtime Realtor and Lanikai homeowner Cynthia Rubinstein agrees some owners are selling to get away from the gridlock.  She also believes fear of getting tangled in the tie-up has slowed sales of Lanikai homes.

"I had clients I was showing property to just recently. There was something that came up in Lanikai," she said. "I went to them and suggested that they might want to consider that. They said no because of the traffic."

Parking is prohibited in the bike lane that runs the length of the loop along the right-hand side of the street. The city wants to expand the parking prohibition to the shoulder of the road between the pavement and private property.

"The city, my department, supports putting up the signage that prohibits parking on the bike lane side, but we're waiting for the legal opinion," city transportation director Michael Formby said.

Rubinstein said Lanikai is still sought after real estate and the properties will sell. But for now she is also having problems renting homes. She said some residents have turned to extreme measures to get around the gridlock.

"So what they do is they leave a car at a friend's house in Kailua, and they bike out of the neighborhood to get to Kailua to get their car to get to work," she said.

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