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Heald College students look for options after school's sudden closure

The line stretched around the building at the Heald College campus on Kapiolani Boulevard Wednesday.

About 1000 students are attending workshops after the school suddenly closed..

"I was supposed to graduate in October of this year," said Kelly Bance, "I had six more classes left in my degree."

Bance organized a rally outside the school. Classmates held signs and waved at drivers. They know it won't change the status of Heald, but they are hoping it brings awareness to the issues they are now facing.

"I had two quarters left and unfortunately that's when I got the news that they were going to close, " says Brandon Sugiura.

The students were told that they will not be getting their money back, and learned that most of their credits probably won't transfer.

"It's not their fault that this is happening," says Lieutenant Governor Shan Tsutsui, who has been talking with UH administrators. He wants the community colleges to let Heald students fill classes without having to pay full tuition.

"If there's a way for our university system or even the private universities to help out," Tsutsui said.

Earlier this month, the department fined the company $30 million dollars for allegedly misleading students about the job placement rate.

Michael Auld just completed his credits just days before the announcement.  He showed us his diploma for Criminal Justice, but says he is not celebrating because his friends are in limbo.

"It's terrible for them," says Auld, "I just wish they could get their money back or at least get credits transferred over."

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