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Attempted murder case opens after man refuses to pay for tow bill in Mapunapuna

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Towing Unlimited in Mapunapuna Towing Unlimited in Mapunapuna
MAPUNAPUNA (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Honolulu police are looking for a man accused of busting out of an impound lot in Mapunapuna over the weekend and nearly hitting two people who were trying to stop him.

Police sources say the 28-year-old suspect is wanted on two counts of attempted murder after allegedly hightailing it out of Towing Unlimited on Saturday without paying the $175 fee.

"He put it into reverse, started moving back. So I hit the window. So he knew we were there. And I was like, 'Ho brah you gatta pay for the car,'" said Chadwick Chung-Hoon, a Towing Unlimited employee.

Chung-Hoon was working when a tow truck operator brought in a red Volkswagen from a lot in Waikiki.

"The place where that kid got towed from, you get like a 10-minute grace. He was way past that. And I guess he had no intentions coming down to pay for his bill," Chung-Hoon said.

Chung-Hoon says he and his co-worker had to jump out of the way as the man allegedly gassed it in reverse all the way out of the lot and onto Mapunapuna Street.

"Very fortunate that no cars were crossing in traffic. It's a super busy street, Mapunapuna Street. There's everything from semi-trucks to every other kind of vehicle coming through. I was glad it was late at night and no one got seriously seriously hurt," said operational manager Sean Starn.

Employees at Towing Unlimited said they are used to dealing with irate customers who don't want to pay the release fee. But in his almost 20 years in the business, Starn says he has never seen it get to this.

"People are never happy when their cars are towed and it's always the tow truck drivers fault for the car being towed instead of looking at the reason why you're vehicle was towed," Starn said

Now the suspect faces much more than a hefty tow bill. Police know who they're looking for and the guys at Towing Unlimited know it's only a matter of time before he's caught.

"You pretty much screwed up man. Just face the music," said Chung-Hoon.

Now there's a chain welded onto either side of the gate so this doesn't happen again. Towing Unlimited doesn't have any surveillance cameras on the property. But Starn says that is something they will definitely invest in.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.

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