Billy V

Billy V

My first time in a TV studio was back when I was 10 years old.  I was in the 5th grade and my parents would send me to stay with my grandparents in Waikiki during the summer.  My grandfather was a cook at Swiss Inn; my younger sister and I would run all around Waikiki.
 ?One day my grandmother took us to a show. I didn?t realize till I got to the KGMB9 Studios on Kapiolani Blvd., I would be on the "Checkers & Pogo" show! Not once, but twice! Plus being able to be picked to play one of the games (had to run and pop the balloon under your butt). I didn?t win the game, but I remembered being mesmerized with the whole experience.

Forward to July 2007, KGMB News Director Chris Archer calls me and says he wants to talk story. I was excited and couldn?t wait. I was thinking he was going to ask me to join his team. Well, not exactly; he wanted me to be part of the Sunrise crew doing a entertainment report on Friday mornings. I must admit I was kinda bummed, but at least this would be a new experience; especially since no one else was doing both radio and network tv at the same time.

I would be involved with several more meetings and we started rehearsing. It went from once a week to once a day every weekday. That was week number one of rehearsals. We had one more week to go…
I was then asked on Wednesday if I could do 3 reports a day everyday. I couldn?t believe my ears.

Everytime I had time off of the station, I was down at the tv station doing my reports live. It was an opportunity to learn…it was an education I couldn?t possibly pay for.

Spending time there at KGMB9 and gaining experience allowed me to do my reports while learning the verbiage of the occupation. Hearing a director in my ears during broadcast, taking cues from others on sunrise I got to learn certain etiquette that is useful in any broadcast situation. All of this learning has made working at events like Miss Hawaii, Lantern Floating Hawaii, NFL Pro Bowl, UH Athletics and especially the Merrie Monarch Festival possible and easier.

When the opportunity came up that I would be part of the Hawaii News Now family in February/March of this year, there was way I would let this chance go by…

Now I am working with a confidence I never had before; and I have wonderful people who are helping to refine my skills to tell the stories of our Hawaii and the world around us. I have never been more excited to go to work everyday.

Initially my wife told me "When you left radio I thought we would spend more time together…". But on the first day of being in the Sunrise studios she texted me in the middle of Sunrise, "Don?t worry about what I said yesterday. So long I didn't see your "Happy Face"! So nice to see happy face back. I like you are working on Sunrise…"

Join us everyday for Hawaii News Now - Sunrise as we would like to help bring "happy face" to you too!