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Local Connection: Gov. Linda Lingle

 By: Rick Blangiardi 

We appreciate Gov. Linda Lingle stopping by Hawaii News Now recently to talk story with our Jim Mendoza.

Whatever you think of her personally and professionally, she stood Hawaii on its head when she was elected governor in 2002 and reelected in 2006.

She was the first Republican governor elected in Hawaii since 1962.

During the last election, it was clear that Hawaii voters were not interested in creating a two-party system. Viable candidates Duke Aiona, running for governor, and Charles Djou, running for congress, didn't win.

Certainly that's the voters' prerogative. As it stands, we have an all-Democratic congressional delegation in the GOP-dominated House and while they do a great job, they have to work harder to collaborate across the aisle with the majority.

At the local level, we have one lone state senator in our 25-member senate and seven state representatives out of 51 members.

Several state legislators have even switched parties from Republican to Democrat, a move that particularly irks Lingle.

The former governor is off to work as a senior adviser for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, a Republican trying to negotiate with a democratically controlled legislature.  With Lingle gone, let's see who steps up to revitalize the Republican party.

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