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Gov. Ige signs bill banning use of e-cigs in places where cigarette smoking is banned

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Gov. David Ige signed a bill Friday that would ban using electronic smoking devices, or e-cigarettes, in all places where traditional cigarettes are banned.

House Bill 940 states the use of e-cigarettes in these locations creates a disturbance in work environments and would confuse the public. 

It would also “reverse the progress that has been made in establishing a social norm that smoking is not permitted in enclosed or partially enclosed public places and places of employment.”
Opinions were split over the new law.
"I'm pleased, we've updated the clean air act.  We're preventing addiction," said State Senator Josh Green, Chair of the Senate Health Committee.
"We feel this over-regulation is a shame," countered Scott Rasak of Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes.
The use of e-cigarettes in these locations also has the potential to expose non-smokers and vulnerable populations – like children and pregnant women – to aerosolized nicotine and other toxic substances, which could be dangerous to one's health, proponents of the bill argued.

"Its just in public spaces where vaping has chemicals, it can go in someone's face, it can affect their health--we just have be safe," said Green.

“These products currently are not regulated and many of the hazardous components in cigarettes are also found in e-cigarette emissions,” said Director of Health Dr. Virginia Pressler, in a statement.

Rasak is in favor of what he calls "logical regulation," like labeling requirements to protect consumers, but says restricting usage by location and age is harmful.    
"It's kind of a disadvantage for our customers who have made the decision to remove themselves from the tobacco environment."

The signing of this legislation makes Hawaii the fourth U.S. state – after North Dakota, New Jersey and Utah -- to have passed such a bill.

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