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Someone burns homeless man's belongings

WAIPAHU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Outside Elena's Restaurant, Follicles hair salon and Little Caesars Pizza in Waipahu, contractors fixed the fire damage to the store fronts and the security cameras that captured a crime.

"I call it attempted murder," Elena's owner Richard Butuyan  said.

Video from early Tuesday morning shows a homeless man asleep outside Follicles. He's startled awake by flames.

"He realized his stuff was on fire," Butuyan said.

Shortly before 5 a.m., someone torched the man's shopping cart and everything he had.

"To me it's just really traumatic to know there are people in the world that would do that to anyone," said Thomas Holliday, owner of Little Caesars.

Cameras outside Little Caesars show someone walking past the storefront where the homeless man was sleeping.

"As he's passing by you see him light up something," Butuyan said. "We don't actually see him throw it into the cart."

But the timing puts the man lighting up something and the burning shopping cart only seconds apart.

"I got up and I seen the fire on top already lit," Dan Raniscal said.

 Raniscal is the homeless man who was victimized by the fire. Friday at Hans L'Orange Park, he was wearing the same clothes he had on when the fire woke him up and he ran. It's all he has left. He insists he doesn't know who set the fire.

"It's not nice and it's not good," he said.

Shop owners and citizens in Waipahu want to help Raniscal replace what he lost.

"He just minds his own business, walks around. He doesn't ask for much. He's not a beggar or anything," said Ezra Simbahon, who first posted Raniscal's plight on his Facebook page.

"We'd love for Danny to come by. We'll feed him," Holliday said. "We want to show him that he's a part of the community, just like anyone else is."

This is the second time someone burned his belongings.

"I don't want another shopping cart right now or at all, for a long time. I wouldn't want to think of such a thing, the same thing happen a third time," Raniscal said.

Call 911 if you have information that can help police. If you want to help Raniscal, call Elena's or Little Caesars on Moloalo Street in Waipahu.

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