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The fight for Mauna Kea

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The fight over a new telescope on Mauna Kea has been the leading topic of discussion in many circles statewide. Some see it as science versus spirituality.

Native Hawaiians hold Mauna Kea in high regard.

The mountain's original name is Mauna a Wakea or Wakea's mountain. Wakea is seen as the father or creator of the Hawaiian people. In ancient times, the summit was forbidden to everyone, except the highest chiefs and priests.

But there are now 13 working telescopes on the summit, and some have been there for decades.

While there are many protests against the TMT that continue around Hawaii, as well as the world, there are also many supporters of the project.

Paul Coleman is a Native Hawaiian who is also an astrophysicist working for the Institute for Astronomy at UH Manoa, and explains how this project could help Hawaii as well as establish us as world leaders in astronomy.

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