Merrie Monarch - Governor Ige visits Mauna Kea

Merrie Monarch - Governor Ige visits Mauna Kea

Amy Kalili - ?Aha?ilono, ?Aha?i ?Olelo Ola - Droves flock to Hilo every year for Merrie Monarch. This year many are coming for another reason including Governor Ige this past Wednesday.

Kaho?okahi Kanuha - Kanaka Aloha ?Aina - I gave him our appreciation in a sense of this, of this, tiny step he has taken in the right direction in respect to this week's moratorium on the construction. But we also made it clear to him that on our end that's not quite near enough; it's just the first step. So we asked him to continue to take steps like that in the future.

Amy Kalili - After Ige's recent press conference regarding TMT, Mauna Kea advocates hope to begin talks with him and other decision makers on this critical issue.

Kaho?okahi Kanuha - We understand that there has already been process there's already been effort made in the courts. It's through those court cases that really that uh, I became aware of what is going on.

Kealoha Pisciotta - Kanaka Aloha ?Aina - For myself and a number of the other petitioners or litigants, we've been involved since at least fifteen years. Since that time, they've tried to build probably ten telescopes of different sizes and shapes.

Kaho?okahi Kanuha - So I have so much respect for them because, that has garnered a lot of awareness for us here however, we also know that it's a, it's a tough process and up until this point it has not been successful and that's the reason why we are here on the mauna.

Amy Kalili - Their resolve, that is grounded in a strong foundation of aloha, has drawn supporters statewide and beyond.

Kaho?okahi Kanuha - The longer we stay here, the more kupa?a we become, kupaa in aloha, and then we even start to gather more support. But this support is not just for the people of the mountain, the support is for the mountain. I think the biggest thing is that we have unified our people. We have awoken our people, and regardless if we succeed in stopping this or not, we are coming together, this is a ko hawaii pae aina thing. It's something that affects every single one of us.

Amy Kalili - Governor Ige's staff declined an interview regarding his visit to Mauna Kea.