Merrie Monarch - Hokulea and the Malama Honua Voyage

Merrie Monarch - Hokule?a and the Malama Honua Voyage

Hula isn't merely a dance, it is a way of being, transcending various walks of life. For Jayna Shaffer, this way of life, drew her to Hokule'a, and gave life to a new mele, by Keao NeSmith, for her Kahiko.

Jayna Shaffer - 2015 Miss Aloha Hula Contestant, Halau Ka Lei Mokihana O Leina'ala - Because it's a malama honua voyage because it's so recent, it needs to be Haku and the hula needs to be put into it, so it weaves the story together and this, and this is where it could start, that hula storytelling for the malama honua voyage.

So my mele, instead of speaking of literally, Hokule'a and the Malama Honua Voyage, he spoke about the ki'i on Hokule'a, Kiha and Kane, and their love affair that they have together while on the Malama Honua Voyage.

Jayna's growing aloha for the wa'a, led to this fundraiser celebrating the voyage.

Leina'ala Pavao-Jardin - Kumu, Halau Ka Lei Mokihana O Leina'ala - She came to me and said Kumu what can I do to give back to them' Having people like Jayna join in and help spread the Malama Honua message is exactly what this epic voyage is all about.

Nainoa Thompson - Hokule'a, to go around the world, has this enormous potential to go to forty, fifty countries on the planet, to be with the great navigators on earth.. I'm not talking about those on canoes. I'm talking about those who are doing things to give kindness and compassion to the earth and those who live on it, those navigators.

We're not going to change the world we're going to go and build a network of people around the Earth who are going to change it. And our job is to help them be successful.