Merrie Monarch - Change Agents

Merrie Monarch - Change Agents

Amy Kalili - The Punana Leo have been educating keiki entirely through the Hawaiian language for over 30 years.

But these unique learning environments are producing much more than just language speakers, the Hawaiian approach to education prepares these keiki for future success.

'Iwa is a great example.

She was just out of high school when she was hired but her work ethic, respect, and determination were priceless qualities. And look at her now!

Keli'i Wilson - Punana Leo & Nawahiokalani'opu'u Graduate - I think the biggest misconception that we have is that students that learn in a Hawaiian medium environment, won't be able to live in the English speaking world. It's a complete misconception. People will be able to see that is not true, especially now that we have so many graduates working in so many fields of employment and doing really well and succeeding.

Kuha'o Zane - Punana Leo Graduate & Lead Designer, Sig Zane - We've had some wonderful opportunities come our way like 'Ohana by Hawaiian Air. That's pretty much a feather in your cap to be able to design a plane.

Mark Panek - Professor of English, UH Hilo - I feel really lucky to be working even around for a program like this, it's really something, it's really incredible what's going on. There's just this level of self value. You're starting from a position of strength, you're enhancing that position of strength, and that's the place where you can go out and become better at anything. That's the place where you can go excell in medical school, cause you know that you can handle something, you know where you're starting at.

'Akolea Ioane, M.D. - Punana Leo & Nawahiokalani'opu'u Graduate - All of us as Hawaiians have a responsibility, to rise to positions of leadership. We have to put ourselves into these positions and we also have to turn around and help people get here.