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Five of HPD's breathalyzers were broken at the same time

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Honolulu Police have been taking a lot longer to make DUI arrests recently. That's because most of their breathalyzer machines were broken.

The substations are equipped with Intoxilyzer 8000's made by a company called CMI.

Suspected drunk drivers are driven to the stations, and they are asked to breathe into the machine which determines if the person is legally drunk. But up until last week, five of the total twelve devices around the island were broken.

The ones at the Wahiawa, Kahuku, Kailua, Pearl City and Kalihi stations were all down over a three-month period. The one in Kahuku remains broken.

When something like this occurs, officers have to drive the suspects out of the area to the nearest working machine.

"It takes more time, it means they can't be back out on the road making another arrest when they're chaperoning this DUI offender all around the island finding an intoxilyzer that works, so it has its consequences," says Arkie Koehl, spokesman for Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

If the machines can't be fixed by an HPD employee, they are shipped out to Kentucky for repair by the company.

HPD tells us they are purchasing three new machines at a cost of 85-hundred dollars each, but those are not here yet.

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