Merrie Monarch - Project Kuleana 2

Merrie Monarch - Project Kuleana 2

Amy Kalili - This gathering of Hilo's own to kick off Merrie Monarch 2015 was a great place to honor Uncle "Piggy" Kaleohano and give his 'ohana a preview of Project Kuleana 2.

Kihei Nahale-a Producer, Project Kuleana - As Project Kuleana, we wanted to thank this community that is close to our hearts.

Sean Naleimaile, Producer, Project Kuleana - We've realized that music is a great vehicle, you know, with the first two videos and it reached so many people!

Kamakoa Lindsey-Asing,Producer, Project Kuleana - It's about the musicians' unique understanding of kuleana in their different capacities. They have a unique perspective on giving back, a rare quality that we need more of today.

Nani Lim Yap & Lorna Lim, Artists, "Ka Na'i Aupuni" - It is truly a privilege and a big kuleana for us to remember, may it be mele or hula, someone's emotions was just put into words and we have the privilege of bringing it to life.

Lorna Lim - But we're hoping that we can also teach our children, we can pass it on to them as the next generation.

Earl Kalawai'a Artist, "Where Are The Brothers" - When I first heard this song, you know, I thought geez this is one call to our kane to encourage our men to really, you know, first to take care of themselves culturally, spiritually, health, education wise, you know, take care of ourselves then we take care of our 'ohana. And from there, we take care of our community and that builds our nation, and we heal our nation and we can go forward.