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Bicyclist's death spurs call for more bike and pedestrian safety in Nuuanu

David Niau was riding his bike home to Waikiki on Feb. 1 when he was struck by a car. He died nine days later.

On Saturday, the Hawaii Bicycling League joined with lawmakers and members of two area neighborhood boards to wave signs along Nuuanu Ave. and Judd St., where the accident happened.

Niau was riding home from a Super Bowl party at his sister's home in Nuuanu. His friends and family were also among those who seized the opportunity to make drivers more aware of bicyclists and pedestrians.

"For my brother, he used the bike, so there are a lot of other people that do the same too," said Niau's sister, Pearl Kelii. "So it's just being aware of each other and watching out for each other and taking care of each other."

The group wants changes along a heavily-used street that draws commuters between downtown and Windward Oahu.

"We have so much out-of-district traffic coming through this area, so the residential street becomes sort of a mini-freeway, even though its not really that large," said Honolulu City Councilwoman Carol Fukunaga.

Some of those changes would be similar to what's already been done on Keolu Drive in Kailua, and what's in the works for Kamehameha IV Road in Kalihi Valley.

"Possibly changes from four lanes to three lanes, using the center turn lane and putting bike lanes here," said Chad Taniguchi of the Hawaii Bicycling League.

While safety is the main goal, it's also personal for Taniguchi. Niau was a high school classmate.

"The way we can get something good out of this is to change our behavior, be more safe in the future, change this street to be more safe in the future," said Taniguchi.

"I know he's really happy because he's just a person that had so much love for everyone, and to see that love being given back for him in remembrance of him today, I know he's real happy," said Kelii.

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