Sinaloa Taco Dorados

Sinaloa Taco Dorados (Sinaloa Fried Tacos)

1 package Sinaloa white or yellow corn tortillas
1 pound kalua pig, shredded
4 ounces shredded cheeses of your choice
4 ounces shredded lettuce
3 ounces sour cream
4 ounces salsa
Pickled red onions
½ cup canola oil  
3 ounces cotija cheese

Preparation for pickled red onions:
Red onions
Rice vinegar
Garlic salt

Slice red onions round, place into bowl, add rice vinegar, garlic salt to taste, chill.

Taco preparation:
Take a Sinaloa corn tortilla.  Warm slightly on hot grill to soften, allowing for flexibility and better handling for the tortilla.  (It's important to warm the tortilla first.)  Take and place desired amount of kalua pig on the warm tortilla and fold in half.  You may choose to use a tooth pick on the top of the fold to hold together for frying.  Very carefully place the tortilla filled kalua pig into frying pan with hot oil.  Allow taco to fry until golden color appears, turn over the taco and fry on the other side.  Once fried, set aside to drain on paper towel.  You are ready to fill the fried taco.  Gently do not use a heavy hand, open the fried taco and place the cheeses, lettuce, sour cream and salsa.  Garnish with cotija cheese and pickled red onions.