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Local Connection: Hanauma Bay

By: Rick Blangiardi 

Isn't it time we start taking the drowning deaths at Hanauma Bay a little more seriously?

It's a top tourist destination because of its beauty and tranquil waters but beneath those waters, too many people are dying.

Our research shows you are seven times more likely to need to be rescued at Hanauma Bay than off the waters of Waikiki.

Over a 10-year period ending in 2013, we had 23 deaths at the bay even though it has the highest rate of supervision than any other Oahu beach, with eight lifeguards plus a captain and lieutenant.

There were four more deaths in 2014 and just this month, two more tourists drowned there.

A safety video is mandatory for all visitors but that needs to be revisited and updated as well as the possibility of putting more lifeguards in the water.

Many who visit Hanauma Bay assume it's an easy place to swim and some venture out to a place where the water is more turbulent.

One lifeguard we talked to during our recent report said the currents somehow make it easy to push away from the beach and difficult to get back in.

So let's put our heads together and figure out how we can make Hanauma Bay as safe as it is beautiful.

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