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Protesters block telescope construction on Hawaii mountain

Image source: Ehitu Keeling Image source: Ehitu Keeling

HILO, Hawaii (AP) - Protesters are preventing construction of a giant telescope near the summit of a mountain held sacred by Native Hawaiians.

Some consider the $1.4 billion Thirty Meter Telescope project as desecrating the Big Island's Mauna Kea.

Hilo newspaper Hawaii Tribune-Herald reports about 15 vehicles transporting workers up the mountain were blocked Monday as more than 50 protesters formed a roadblock outside the Mauna Kea visitor center.

Telescope Project Manager Gary Sanders says workers waited for more than eight hours at the roadblock before heading back down the mountain.

Protesters say they're not against the science or the telescope itself. They say they're against the location.

Astronomers say the telescope will allow them to see some 13 billion light years away.

Police looked on, but took no action against the demonstrators.

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