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Business Report: 3/30/15

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

If you get a lot of your news online, you'll see conflicting reports this morning on the state of the Iran nuclear disarmament talks.

There is a self-imposed deadline for an agreement, Tuesday night. Because the talks are going on in Europe, it is now within 24 hours of that deadline. On Sunday, while everybody else was reporting an agreement was possible, the New York Times reported Iran has taken back one of its key concessions.

This morning everyone else is saying that, but the New York Times is backing away from it a little. The concession - it would be more accurate to call it a conditional concession - was to allow the shipment of some nuclear materials out of Iran, so Iran would no longer have physical access to it.

The Sunday story in the Times was that Iran had gone back on that commitment. But this morning, the paper says only that one Iranian official told one Iranian news reporters Iran would not do that, and Washington now says there are other options that would be equally satisfactory.

Iran has always been of two minds about this - the Iranians don't like being told what to do but they're also tired of being regarded as a nation of radicals - and politically there is as much division in Tehran as in Washington.

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