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Archers urge city to re-open Kapiolani range

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Mark Kato believes avid archers deserve an answer from the city on the future of the Kapiolani Regional Park Archery Range. The target practice site has been closed for three years.

"There's a big gap between communication right now. So we want to know what the truth is. Is it going to re-open? Is it not going to re-open?" said Kato, director of the Hawaii Chapter of the National Field Archery Association.

The city isn't ruling out re-opening, but it's not pushing that as the first option.

"What we're doing is we're looking at potential options for other parks or other facilities in the urban Honolulu area right now," City Parks director Michele Nekota said.

John Veltri heads up the organization Friends of Diamond Head Tennis. He is convinced archery has no place in Kapiolani Park. The site closed in 2012 after a misfired arrow landed on the tennis court.

"I'm sure the archery people are very careful in what they do. But as we all know accidents happen," Veltri said.

Kato said  Kapiolani could be safer if more space was added between targets and the tennis venue.  He envisions a wide buffer zone.

"If this accident even happened again, it would just land in the tree lines. It would be nowhere near the tennis courts," he said.

Nekota said all park users need to feel safe. She's also considering setting off the range with a fence.

"We've looked at that but it would be a high fence, of course," she said.

There are three other city operated archery ranges on Oahu. Archers complain that they are too remote. Kapiolani Park was the most popular range before the wayward arrow incident shut it down.

"The whole archery community shouldn't have suffered from it completely like that," Kato said.

"We just want a small little area. I can't see why they can't do it," veteran archer Mel Lim said.

Archers are pleading their case to re-open the range with the third parks director they've dealt with in three years.

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