Red Cross Heroes: Nicholas Garcia

Red Cross Heroes: Nicholas Garcia

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Petty Officer Nicholas Garcia works at the Coast Guard station in Kahului. He's always been a guy who's happy to volunteer - ask anyone who knows about his coaching Little League. But one morning a little over a year ago he had the chance to do more.

He was driving in his Jeep and saw a woman driving erratically.

The woman, a teacher at Maui High School, had fallen into a diabetic coma.  Paramedics arrived on the scene, treated the woman and she recovered.

Petty Officer Garcia's quick thinking - and his willingness to sacrifice his Jeep - likely prevented head-on collisions when the road ahead narrowed in advance of oncoming traffic. One more thing: the woman had just bought a new car, but hadn't picked it up. Stopping her dinged her OLD car. Garcia was brave; she was lucky.

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