Ige's defeat highlights thoughtful culture he helped create

Ige's defeat highlights thoughtful culture he helped create


Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - The culture of integrity that Gov. David Ige and his former Senate allies fostered also helped unravel one of his first major moves as governor.

Ige's closest former allies were among the senators who said they would vote with their conscience and wouldn't support his nominee.

It became clear to Ige on Wednesday that his nominee Carleton Ching didn't have enough votes to succeed. Ige's former colleagues struggled with the decision. But they say the opposition to Ching was unprecedented.

Sen. Les Ihara says they're part of a Senate faction that goes beyond just voting with their friends.

Political analyst Neal Milner says Ige's bungled appointment isn't enough for people to turn against him. But he says now people will watch Ige with more trepidation.

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