Volunteers pick up a ton of trash at Tantalus

Volunteers pick up a ton of trash at Tantalus

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Tantalus has an awesome view of Diamond Head, East Honolulu and Waikiki. But for many people, that view was spoiled when they looked down and saw trash at the lookout. That view changed Saturday, as nearly 80 volunteers tackled the rubbish that has been tossed there over the years.

The effort was spurred after a Hawaii News Now story last month.

"It's an old issue, but it got just brought completely back to the top and our attention when Hawaii News Now did the story, and all of a sudden we're looking at our mountain and going, yeah, we need to get back down there and help those guys out," said Tantalus resident Mike McFarlane, who spearheaded the cleanup.

The volunteers didn't just pick up what they could see -- there certainly was a lot of that. They also went down into the bushes and downslope.

For some, it was like going on an archaeological dig.

"We found keyboards, car parts, tires, all sorts of pieces and parts that were dumped," said Michael Loftin of 808 Cleanups. "This was literally a dump on the hillside."

"As you go down, there's just layers and layers and layers of more trash," said McFarlane. "So yeah, we're scratching the surface today.

The Tantalus Community association was joined by several other groups, including 808 Cleanups, The Outdoor Circle, Climb Aloha, and even Discover Hawaii Tours, which shuttled volunteers to and from the cleanup site.

"We've got people from Manoa, some from Hawaii Kai, from Kailua, coming over and seeing the problem that we've got," said Tantalus resident John Steelquist. "It's a whole island problem, not just the residents up here."

"You have to appreciate the beauty of what's around you, and that's starting from the ground up," said another resident, Mary Rowan, who brought her two small daughters with her.

In all, the volunteers picked up 106 bags of trash weighing 2,300 pounds - more than a ton. They're in it for the long haul, with another cleanup set for April 18.

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