Anthony Simoneau admits to wife's murder 8 years after her disappearance

Anthony Simoneau admits to wife's murder 8 years after her disappearance
Anthony Simoneau in court in 2014
Anthony Simoneau in court in 2014
Fumiko Ogawa
Fumiko Ogawa

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Eight years after his wife disappeared, Anthony Simoneau admitted, he killed her.

The 46-year old man was extradited from Hawaii to face charges in the San Diego cold case.

Thursday morning, in a California courtroom, he fought back tears as he changed his plea from not-guilty, to guilty for voluntary manslaughter.

"You want to plead guilty to the charge because, in fact, you are guilty, is that correct?" asked the judge.

Simoneau stared at the judge for a few seconds, before turning to his attorney who nodded her head.

"Yes, sir," he answered.

41-year old Fumiko Ogawa Simoneau disappeared in 2007, while the couple lived in California.  Simoneau would tell people that his wife -- a japanese national -- was visiting family in Japan or working on their Hawaii home.  He spent her inheritance and pawned her wedding ring.

Years later, remains that were found in the California desert, were identified.

By then, Simoneau had moved to Hawaii.  He always maintained his innocence.

In 2011, he told a flock of reporters this, "I miss my wife very much and I will state, for the record, I did not kill my wife.  I love her very much, okay."

Even last year, days after his arrest in Honolulu, he told a Hawaii judge that he was not going to fight extradition back to California because he was anxious to fight the charges.

But he didn't fight long.  Six months after his extradition, he is admitting that he killed her during a fight.

"You did unlawfully kill Fumiko Simoneau because of a sudden quarrel in the heat of passion and killed her as the result of an argument?" the judge asked.

Again, Simoneau choked up during his answer, "Yes, your honor."

Simoneau faces 11 years in prison when he is sentenced on April 30.

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