Honolulu City Council votes today on the Hoopili Development

Ramsay Wharton Part 2: Hoopili Development

There is a key vote today at the Honolulu City Council on the Hoopili Development.

The project is expected to be about the size of Hawaii Kai, and some expect it to increase traffic in that region by 43 percent.

It is not just Hoopili that will add to the congestion, Koa Ridge will add 5,000 more homes, and an additional 53,000 homes are in the region's future plans.

Right now, Hoopili's proposal is to add one more lane on the H-1 freeway. The developer, DR Horton, says that will allow for 17 percent more vehicles on the freeway, while critics say traffic is expected to increase by 43 percent.

Ramsay Wharton has all the details.

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