‘No Hope in Dope' restored after 15 year break

‘No Hope in Dope' restored after 15 year break

By: Jennifer Wong

HONOLULU (Hawaii News Now): No hope in dope. That's the message that retired Honolulu police officers sent to students at Blanche Pope Elementary school on Tuesday.

The No Hope in Dope (NHID) program was created in 1988 by Leighton Ka'onohi. The NHID team visited schools and taught students how to identify and react to 'stranger danger' situations.

Ka'anohi played the role of the program's mascot, Officer Honolulu.

"What we do is not only unique, but it's empowering for the young children," Ka'anohi said.

In 2000, the program came to a temporary halt when Ka'anohi retired from Honolulu's finest. But the NHID decided to get back together and suited up as Officer Honolulu once again.

The team wanted to teach a new generation of students how to identify predators and the risks of talking to them.

"The children that I taught today, it was their parents that we taught in the 80s and the 90s," Ka'anohi said. "We love doing it. The kids love us in Honolulu. [No Hope in Dope is] part of the fabric of our community."

The NHID team delivered their message of staying safe through song and dance. They even acted out a scene, giving kids the opportunity to practice what they've learned.

Ka'anohi says that there's no wrong time to teach young children safety skills and to empower them to make the right choices.

"The message to Honolulu is timeless. No hope in dope is timeless. There has never been a time when our message was not right for the children," Ka'anohi said.

He added that even though there was a break, he wants to keep spreading the message of kid safety for as long as he can.

KCCN Radio host Davey D was also at the school to help deliver the message of safety and awareness and to say that there's no hope in dope.

"It's great to have this support system of these retired officers to come back and speak to the kids. And, you know, hopefully they can make some of the right decisions, too," Davey D said.

For more information on how to get involved, contact Ka'anohi at (808) 277-0227 or Davey D on Facebook.

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