Ala Moana's Tsukiji Fish Market owes workers nearly $60K

Ala Moana's Tsukiji Fish Market owes workers nearly $60K

HONOLULU (AP) - The U.S. Department of Labor says a restaurant at Ala Moana Center illegally required servers to share tips while paying them less than minimum wage.

The department announced Monday 68 employees at Tsukiji Fish Market restaurant are owed nearly $50,000 in tips and more than $5,000 in back wages.

In most states, employers can pay less than minimum wage, that when added to tips left by customers, equals at least the full minimum wage. However, the employer's ability to claim a tip credit was invalid when employees were required to share tips with workers who weren't entitled to tips.

The department says the employer agreed to pay all the tips owed and back wages and to change their policy.

A phone message seeking comment from the restaurant wasn't immediately returned.

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