1963 Waianae High grad seeks to replace school trees

1963 Waianae High grad seeks to replace school trees

HONOLULU (AP) - A 1963 graduate of Waianae High School has launched what he calls a 50-year project to restore trees along the coastline near his high school's football field.

Calvin Domen says he hopes younger people will commit to regularly maintain the grounds that serve as a stunning coastal background at Waianae graduation ceremonies.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports dozens of coconut trees were once part of the scene.

Weather changes and neglect caused trees to die. Just four of the original trees are still standing.

Domen and other volunteers since 2013 have planted 75 to 80 trees at the site. They're a mix of coconut, lau hala and Manila palms.

Domen is seeking donations of about a half-dozen more 10- to 12-foot potted palms - and help to plant them.

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