Local Connection: Selma: A March to Remember

Local Connection: Selma: A March to Remember

By: Rick Blangiardi

We are proud to have presented "Selma: A march to remember" and hope that you have a greater appreciation of the events of 1965, when Martin Luther King Jr. organized an important march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama that was disrupted by violent resistance from state and local authorities.

It is almost unbelievable that what transpired during that time could have happened only 50 years ago.

But as our special program made clear, the protesters finally reached their goal of reaching Montgomery and their triumphant arrival paved the way for the voting rights act that passed later that year. That act, along with the civil rights act, guaranteed the right to vote for all African-Americans, specifically banning literacy tests as a voting requirement and mandating federal oversight in areas were tests were used.

The equality that we enjoy everywhere, even here in Hawaii, is testament to those brave souls who risked everything for a basic right that we take for granted today. let their heroism never be forgotten.

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